Therapy for adults, children, adolescents and families.


Being Present


Hakomi is a body-centered therapy which uses mindfulness to study internal experience and a variety of techniques to change long-held beliefs and behaviors so that one can be aware and alive in the present.

Being with each other


Using the “Three C’s” model - Consciousness/Connection/Calm (Julie Murphy, MA, LMFT, CHT;, to help clients, both children and adults, develop and maintain secure attachment. This develops a positive view of self, others, and relationships. It also leads to the capacity for mindfulness, affect regulation, and overall health and wellness. Being securely attached means that we feel safe, connected, and fully alive. 

Being playful


An approach that utilizes play to help children express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Techniques include sandtray and expressive arts.

Being with Horses


An alternative to traditional office-based therapy, EFW uses the human-animal connection to help clients resolve their issues in a one-step removed approach. This type of approach works particularly well for clients who are not as comfortable talking about their issues, their feelings, or themselves. The therapist and horse work together to aid the client in accessing, working through, and resolving their presenting issue (anxiety, depression, and trauma) .