Being with Horses

This past summer, I began my journey to learn about, and become certified in, Equine-Facilitated Wellness (see also and I have loved horses since adolescence, when I took a horseback riding class through my junior high school. I still remember the big, beautiful, black horse whom I rode, his name was Christopher Robin. After the class finished, I wanted to continue riding, however, my family did not have the means to support my new-found passion. Fast forward many years to adulthood, and I was finally able to return to riding for several years before I had my children, when my horse time was put on hold again. Then three and a half years ago, I lost three very important women in my life within a short period of time. These losses had a significant impact on me and while I took some time away from my psychology practice, I returned, once again, to the horses. Quite simply, these amazing animals helped me to heal, and, I believe, saved me. Their presence, physicality, being-in-the-moment, and unconditional love and caring are qualities that I want to share with my clients, to help their healing.